Alan's Star Trek and X-Files sound clips

X-Files Theme (Midi 14K)
X-Files Theme (Wav 973K)
Star Trek: The Original Series theme (Midi 10K)
Star Trek: The Next Generation theme (Midi 15K)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine theme (Midi 4K)
Star Trek: Voyager theme (Midi 8K)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme (Midi 29K)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan theme (Midi 12K)
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country theme (Midi 71K)
Star Trek: Generations theme (Midi 20K)
Star Trek: First Contact theme (Midi 31K)
Picard's Ressikan flute solo from the TNG episode The Inner Light (Wav 21K)

Bonus track!!!

In the TNG sixth-season episode Lessons, Picard falls in love with Lieutenant Commander Neela Daren (head scientist of Stellar Cartography). Daren takes Picard to the fourth intersect of Jeffries tube 25 (the most acoustically perfect location on the Enterprise-D) where they play a duet based on the beautiful melody first heard in the episode The Inner Light (see above). I know it's big, but this track simply *MUST* be heard! If you need a preview to make sure it's good before you download the (almost) 1 MB .WAV file, have a quick listen to the 1K .MID file.

Duet preview (Midi 1K)
Duet (Wav 977K)

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